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Puppy Parent Emails (4)


Puppy Parent Emails

Puppy Parent Emails (5)


Hi Elaine,
I thought I would take a minute and send you a couple of new pictures of Cody. He is such a wonderful little guy and we are just crazy in love with him. We can't believe how much he has grown. He finished his puppy classes last week and we could go ahead and put him into regular obedience classes but we are going to keep him in puppy socialization classes for a while longer as he needs the interaction with all the other puppies since that is the only time that he is around other dogs. He shows great promise for running agility and we may eventually put him in some of those classes as what little instruction in agility he has had he loves. The trainer we take him to has been in agility trials with her dogs for years and she would love to train Cody as he is eager to learn and shows no fear at all of trying anything new.
My best to you and your husband and all those wonderful beagles!

April 2012

Hello Elaine,

I hope all is well with you and your husband, I wanted to update you on our new puppy Shiloh. He is now 16 weeks and doing great. He's a ball of energy and a lot smarter at his age than we were expecting. He's learning tricks and commands extremely quick, and finally understands that outdoors is the place to potty. I believe who ever came up with the phrase "puppy dog eyes" had to be the proud owner of a beagle. When he looks up at you, you can't help but pick him up and squeeze him. We couldn't be happier with him and how helpful y'all were in the adoption process.

Thanks again!

Padme' and Anakin just love there new little sister Alexzandria. Padme' just turned 4 on the 20th and Anakin turned 3 on the 31st. They are both doing great and are wonderful with Alexzandria. Thank you for the two best beagles in the world.
July 2011


Just wanted to let you know that our little Harley has adjusted quite well to our newest addition to the family, baby Jude. We find her quite often curled up next to him or kissing his face. She is doing great and loving her new home here in Texas, where she has a big fenced in backyard to run around in! She is now 2 years old and still full of energy. She brings such entertainment and joy to the family!
Hope this finds you doing well.

Hilary Helms


Snoop made it home alright and only whimpered for about 10 minutes after leaving your house.  No accidents in the car........ It's been about 6 days and he already understands to stand at the door to go outside for his needs.  He's only had a couple accidents in the house in the past couple days. 
It seems he's grown a little since being here and his coat seems too have browned out a little in the shoulders and hips.  He's really handsome.

Last night he slept all night.  The previous nights he'd simply begin to
whimper in his carry case to be let out.  He'd do his thing and then right back to the carry case for the remainder of the night.

Saturday was his first trip to PetSmart (aka Doggy Disneyland). He loved it and has done very well so far.

We'll get you an update again soon.  The little fella just fell asleep on my
lap and arm as I type.  He's played hard today.

Chuck, Silvia and Chuck Jr. 

Handsome Son Of Our LADY KATE & LITTLE ACE

Just to let you know that Eddie is TERRIFIC!!!  We are enjoying him so
much and just love watching his development. He has a wonderful personality - very lively and rambunctious and so much fun
to watch. He loves our yard with all the big sycamore leaves and loves running around and around in the backyard with Jay. 

Jay brought him over to school one afternoon and the faculty fell in love with him.  So last week they surprised me with a  Puppy Shower for Eddie.  It was so neat! They did it up just like a baby shower with snacks, decorations, etc. They are a wonderful group of people.  I was surprised because I had never heard of a Puppy Shower!

As you can see the little guy is doing wonderfully.  Amazingly he
sleeps from 11 to 6 or 7 EVERY night. We have had NO nights of 
"screaming and yelling."  I put him in his wire crate at night and he immediately lays down and goes to sleep.  He is very much 
at home and never had to make any adjustments at all.
Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
All the best,
Gail, Jay and Eddie


Hi Elaine,
I thought you might like an update for Duchess.  She is doing really well.  She still goes to work with me everyday, and she does so well with the three year old twins that I babysit.  They love her a lot.  When the weather is nice, we frequent the local dog park.  People always comment on how beautiful she is.  We also frequent PetsMart, where I plan to enroll her in an advanced training course after she turns one.  Duchess participated in a Halloween costume contest at the vet we go to.  She won first prize for her costume, which I handmade.  I attached a picture.  She looks really adorable.  I would like to thank-you again for such a wonderful little dog. She is truly cherished.

THE DUCHESS - Halloween 2004


Hi Elaine,
Sorry I didn't send you an update sooner!!  But our little Charlie is doing wonderful....the past 7 months have been great!!  I get so many comments on what a beautiful beagle he is.  His coloring is so pretty and he sits like he is modeling for pictures, it is really adorable.  His behavior has been good (for a puppy that is).  I just wanted to give you an update and send you a recent picture of Charlie.  He is truely a wonderful and adorable puppy!! I hope one day to have another beagle, or two!!
A very happy beagle owner

7 Months- Spring 2005

Hello Elaine,

Sorry it has been awhile since the last pictures of the
little girl Todd and I got from you.  Here are a  few from
Easter at the family
lake home in North Carolina - 

Take Care


Hi Elaine!  I just wanted to send you an updated picture of our beautiful Honeysuckle.  It was taken at Pet Fest here in Charleston a couple of weeks ago.  Last weekend, Honeysuckle participated in her very first charity event, a 3K walk to benefit the Low Country Lab Rescue.  As you can see, she is a very busy girl.  The weather is very warm now so she'll be off to the beach soon!  Hope you enjoy the picture!
South Carolina                                        (MAY 28, 2007)


Bailey & Peaches

Bailey In Training!


*** Bailey is a daughter to Caulderwood's Truman-Syre & Caulderwood's Maggie

Hi Elaine!

Bailey is an excellent agility dog! She is currently enrolled in her second
agility class, and at 8 months she's one of the very best in the class. I'll
send a video of her to you, running a course. Let me know if you can view
it. We have so much fun with her doing this, and she really loves it!  We
made the decision to enroll her in a class after watching her run around in
our back yard, jumping piles of wood and making quick turns...she is as FAST
Hope to hear from you!
take care,

CLICK HERE to play Bailey's Training video

Joshua and I just wanted to let you know that little Harley is doing wonderful! She has adjusted quite well to her new home and has absolutely stolen our hearts! She is so playful and looks forward to her evening "walks" in the field behind our house. She runs along side of us with a grin from ear to ear. She sleeps in bed with us each night and loves to wake us up with kisses all over our noses! I'm proud to say she is already potty trained to go to the front door and wine when she needs to go out. She has had only two accidents inside, we've been impressed! She loves it here at Doe River and has met the whole staff- honestly, she's spoiled rotten! The staff kids look forward to playing with her each time we bring her out here. She is great with kids! She's great therapy for the older ladies that live near us as well, her kisses always bring a smile to their faces!  Thanks so much again for the little blessing you helped bring to our lives!

 Blessings, Hilary & Joshua


Harley is now 10 weeks old this past Thursday. She has grown leaps and bounds! She had her first vet check- up last week and did great. She weighed in at 5.8 lbs- so she's still a little thing. They said she is healthy as can be! Everyone wanted to take her home. Here are the most recent pictures of Harley. Too cute for her own good.

 Blessings, Hilary

Harley.....10 Weeks Old

  I have been meaning to send you pictures of our Gunner for a while. Sorry it has taken me so long to do so. As you can see he is quite the clown. He is absolutely my best friend!  An angel in our family. Grandbabies wouldn't know what to do without him. Totally amazing just how smart he is. You can see his little mind working when ever your sad or happy. I still believe somehow he communicates with the grandchildren.  I continue to tell everyone how you helped us in adopting the newest member of our family and how we will be coming to you when we're ready to adopt again.  I thank God for you and for giving us the chance to be this little guys parents. And as always in this families eyes your simply a miracle worker!!
God Bless

Hi Elaine!
Just wanted to let you know that Daphne is doing great!!! The boys love her and we've gone 3 days in a row with no accidents in the house!!...........

Here are a couple pix!!


Reichhold Family
Alpharetta, Georgia

 Daphne is the daughter of Caulderwoods Little Miss Hannah and Caulderwoods Little Luke



Hi Elaine,
Its been about four months now since we brought little Tessie home with us, and we just wanted to let you know what a great little beagle she is. She is about 6 months old now and is the daughter of The Rebel and Lady Camille. She is without a doubt the smartest dog I've ever owned, and definitely the cutest. She has really become a part of our family, I dont know how we got along without her now. She has this great mischievous sense of humor that you just cant get mad at. Her favorite thing to do is to go track and chase down squirrels and rabbits outside with her brother Murphy. They are inseparable. Where ever Murphy goes, Tessie is right behind him. Its funny to watch Murphy look around the house for Tessie when Eric takes her to the vet. He is so lost without her now. We are both really grateful that we found you...especially Murphy, because the only thing better than having a beagle is having TWO!
ps. I included a couple of pictures for you to add if you want




Dear Elaine,

My name is Chelsey Mishra and you sold my husband, Mark, and I a beagle in mid January who was Shelby's female #1 and we named Penny! I wanted to write to you and give you an update on how Penny is doinng. She is one of the best dogs I have ever had and is my first beagle, but I am now obsessed with beagles haha. We are so happy we picked her and love that she is a red and white beagle which is so unique. Everyone who sees her comes up to pet her and thinks she is the cuttest beagle they have ever seen. In fact, some of our neighbors who we really didn't talk to much are now all the time talking to us and Penny, and everyone comments on how happy she looks. Every time we go to the vet, our vet and all the workers love to see Penny and say how she is just the cuttest beagle they have ever seen.

I take Penny on 2.5 mile walks five days a week, which she LOVES. I guess she is a bit spoiled, she has lots of toys and bones to keep her occupied. She is a very smart dog, she is now almost 6 months old, and she already knows how to sit, stay, come and other words like "bedtime" and "no". She does have a true beagle personality though and is still a little stuborn.

We really love Penny and she is sooo sweet and beautiful! She has become a real part of our family and we thank you! We have attached some pictures for you to see. Thanks again for such a wonderful family friend!

Chelsey Mishra

Here are some pictures we took of our little Harley over the weekend. She is doing great and going on 5 months old! She's enrolled in puppy school at PetSmart right now and they say she's the smartest beagle they've ever seen! She already knows how to sit, down, stay, come, leave it and drop it! It helps that she is super "food motivated"! We're such proud parents!
All the new little pups are adorable. Joshua and I hope to one day get another for Harley to play with, so we always keep our eye posted on your site. Hope this finds you doing well and hope you enjoy the pictures.
Hilary Helms

Daisy is 4 and a half months old and we are so in love with our little girl. We call Daisy our "Love Bug"! Thank you so much for her. Happy New Year from our family to yours, peace and joy to you in '05! God Bless, Patty

Our Daisy is 11 months old and practically all grown up.  Here are
of our California Girl!  She loves her "doggles" especially when riding
the car with her head out the window.  They also come in handy when
in the California sun during the summer at the beach. 
Daisy and her little brother Maverick are enrolled in obedience school. 
and I take them every Saturday.  We're working on agility training for
and Maverick for possible therapy training.  I would like to see both
the Canine Good Citizen Award.

Daisy's "Li'l Brother" , Maverick

Hello Elaine,

   Just wanted to write you an e-mail and let you know that Darby is doing very well. She is full of energy and always seems to find a way to make us laugh or smile. We're very grateful for her! She has made a friend with our neighbor's chihuahua and they frequently run along the fence with each other, it's so funny to watch! She definitely is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known and loves her family as much as we love her. I'm sending a picture of her with the boys, I've dubbed it "the most uncomfortable sleeping arrangement I've ever seen!" Sorry the picture quality is poor, it was taken with a cell phone. Hope all is well with you and yours!

(Darby is a pretty and sweet daughter of our Barney Clay and Miss Lucy)

Hope all is well at Caulderwood. I check out the new babies every week and always sit staring with a huge smile on my face. 
We are so totally thrilled with Eddie. He is truly wonderful and just gorgeous as you can see from his Easter picture, taken today, April 15.
He is so responsive to training, has mastered so many things and obeys very well.  He also is so curious and is The Observer, which is truly
amazing. He will sit like royalty, totally silent, while all kinds of things go on around him, including other dogs walking just a few feet away, squirrels
playing all over the place, birds, everything!  And he is a sky watcher, especially at night when the planes from Tampa Intern'l are routed over our
house. He has learned the word "up" and immediately stares into the sky, checking out everything, including the recent full moon! 
The Ehrlich Aunts (the receptionists and technicians at our vet clinic located on Ehrlich Road, thus the name) have Eddie totally spoiled to the point
that when I turn into the clinic he gets so excited.  He also dearly loves our vet, who just happens to own a 14 year old beagle, Sadie, and took care
of Charlie all the years we had him. 
We are so blessed to have found Caulderwood, to have met you, to have found the quality puppies you have, and most importantly, to have this wonderful
little guy in our lives. 
All the best,

Happy Easter from Eddie
   and Gail and Jay Diederich!
Edgar Lamar Diederich
Born Sept. 28, 2005
Parents:  General Patton and Li'l Miss Bridget