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Puppy Parent Emails (2)


Puppy Parent Emails

Puppy Parent Emails (5)



Just thought I'd send some recent pictures of our Harley girl. She's almost 3 years old now and she's doing great! Our one year old son, Jude, and her are best of friends and play together everyday! Harley is so patient and gentle with him and he absolutely loves her! His first word was not "mamma" or "dadda" BUT... "doggie"! Go figure! (o;

Hope all is well with you, your family and all the pups!

Hilary Helms

Just took this picture of Eddie, our wonderful puppy we came to Caulderwood
and picked up as a tiny 6 week old munchkin almost 6 years ago.
He continues to be one of the most incredible dogs ever - very smart, sweet,
loving and, of course, gorgeous. He is everything that you told us
he would be and much, much more. We thank you, once again, for the great
quality of beagles you have. Just thought you would enjoy seeing
Eddie after all these years. He stays about 30 lbs., is sleek and shiny as
a satin ribbon and romps and plays in our fenced half acre from morn till
night, then cuddles with me in a chair on the deck or on the sofa with Jay.
He IS a much loved little fellow.

All the best,

Gail Diederich
from Tampa

Dear Elaine,
Daisy is two years old now and we know she is still the best dog in the world!  She is so loving and sweet and is a great companion for my two sons.  She loves going on walks and sleeping with us!  Here are a couple of current pictures.
Alicia Jones
Waxhaw, NC

Hi Elaine,

Just wanted you to know that Tucker is doing great and hopefully we will get a playmate in the near future. Merry Christmas.

Sylvia Crocker

I just wanted to wish you and everyone at Caulderwood a Merry Christmas and happy New Year! Penny is doing great. She is 5 months old now and even better than I would have ever imagined! She continues to amaze me with how smart she is. She loves to go on walks and play with the other dogs in the neighborhood. I cannot thank you enough for bringing her into my life; she is absolutely the best pet anyone could ever ask for! I've attached some recent pictures of her so you can see what she looks like now. Thanks again and happy holidays from South Carolina!

Paisley Williams

Paisley is doing very well. She is a sweet, lovable dog and we all adore her. She is spoiled with expensive chew treats, her own screen porch and private fenced backyard, and one good walk a day, weather permitting, and an occasional trip to my dad's twenty acres where she plays with my dad's shelty.  House training only took a couple of weeks. Can't complain there!
Here's a recent picture.
Take care,
Russell Williams
(Paisley is an absolutley beautiful  daughter of our Little Ace and Miss Polly)


We wanted to update you on the puppies.  First of all they have been renamed to "Logan" & "Sammi" by the kids.  They are fitting in and adjusting just fine.  It's like they've always been here!  They are definitely getting a whole lot of love and doing a lot of exploring.They are both eating and drinking good. 

We want to thank you for our new members of our family!  They are adorable puppies with great personalities.  Plus, they are hilarious to watch roll around together!  We'll take good care of them and love them a lot!  We'll send updates as they grow!

The Wrights

Sammi is an adorable baby girl of our Miss Tawny & Little Luke
Logan is a very handsome son of our Miss Rosie & Barney Clay


Hi there at Caulderwood kennels,
Barney is now one day away from being 17 weeks old! We can't believe how quickly he has grown. Barney is the light of our life. He is so much fun and he is also SO smart.
We take him to a puppy play day on Saturdays so he can have some romp time and socialize with other pups his own age (not necessarily his size, some are way bigger, some are smaller). He loves it but he really LOVES people.
We walk him at least twice a day, he sleeps with us on the bed!! He has all kinds of toys and he goes everywhere with us. Not very spoiled!!!
We are so happy with him, he is all that we wished for and more! Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful beagles, ours in particular.
Hope things are going well for you this spring, keep in touch.
Jack and Jane Anderson

BARNEY @ 17 Weeks

Dear Elaine,
    It's been a long time since we've talked to you or corresponded by email, but I thought you might like an update about Lollie.  Lollie was born on October 3, 2003 and so she is almost a year old now.  Just wanted to let you know that all is well and she has been a real joy to have around the house.  She is so spunky and full of "mischief" which if you remember, you warned us about on the day we came and got her in November.  I think she was the first one out the door and had already been in a "fight" that day.  She has taken well to living indoors but loves every chance she can get to go for a walk or get outside.  In fact, we have to spell out W-A-L-K or O-U-T-S-I-D-E in our conversations because if she hears those words, she automatically assumes that she's going as well and you can't tell her no.  She is so smart!  She loves to play ball, more so than any other dog that I can remember having and has several toys that she absolutely loves.  She, of course, is spoiled rotten!
    Anyway, I thought you might enjoy an update about her.  She is doing well and we just love her more than anything!  She's been a real blessing!  I've included a picture of her that I thought you might enjoy.  She's grown quite a bit since the last picture that we sent you at Christmas last year.  She's definitely got her dad's head and mouth.  Take care and if we're in the market for a "brother" or "sister" for Lollie, we'll keep y'all in mind.
John and Tabatha

LOLLIE @ 9 Months

Happy New Year to Caulderwood Kennels!
Our Eddie is doing excellent!  We continue to be impressed with
how smart he is.  (No, he really hasn't learned to read, but he
certainly enjoys sniffing the pages. ) 
Jay caught this picture last Sunday.  I thought you would enjoy it!
Thanks forever for our wonderful Eddie.
Gail and Jay Diederich
Eddie's parents are General Patton and the now retired Miss Bridget.
Odessa, Florida

Hi Elaine,
Just thought I would write and update you on how our new puppy is doing. He is the proud son of your Lady Camille and The Rebel. We named him "Cooper" and he has adapted to his new home really well. He is 15 weeks old now. We just had him to the vet to start him on his heart worm medicine and his 4 month booster and he was such a good boy. All the staff there just loved him, of course. He is so full of energy, and makes everyday a joy for us. He loves to play tug of war with his rope and be chased around the house by his brother Murphy, who is my girlfriends beagle. Every night he curls up on the bed right next to me and is there to wake me up with kisses in the morning. I know alot of people say this, but I really believe that Cooper is the best beagle ever! He is one good looking dog with the personality to match. We can't thank you enough for bringing him into our lives. 
Best Wishes,
Tony, Gen, Cooper, and Murphy!

Hi Elaine:
Enclosed are some recent pictures of our little Madison and her brother Maverick. They are the most adorable little pups. Between Danny and my mother they have tons of family dogs to play with.
They have been nothing but a joy since they got here and now there is never a dull moment in the house!

Hope you enjoy the pics!    Thanks!
(Maverick & Madison are son & daughter of our Miss Betsy and Little Luke)

"...and we have been absolutely thrilled with her.  She
is such a sweet girl and loves to play – we love everything about her.  We are always getting compliments on how sweet she is & how beautiful she is (especially her coat).  I have attached a few updated pictures of her so you can see how she has “grown up”.  Thanks again for sending us such a wonderful beagle! "
Shelley & Brad


Loving Life In Rhode Island



Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to give you an update on Chase.  Chase is doing wonderful and our Toddler is adjusting to him.  Chase will cozy up on anything soft to go to sleep, so he has claimed a pillow, fleece blanket and of course the couch.  He goes for his 9 wk check on the 12th so I'm anxious to see how much he weighs.

Sorry this update took so long, things have been pretty busy in our house since we picked him up.  I will keep the updates coming periodically.

Here is a picture of the kids with Chase.

(march 2010)

Paisley Rogers - 10 months old

Paisley is doing great, see attached photo. She is very smart! My son trained her to do tricks in minutes.
Paisley's parents are Miss Betsy and The General. She is a real treat - her grown human siblings are jealous of the attention she gets. :-)
Ron & Amy

Hi Elaine,
I thought you might like to see Abby and Chloe. They are absolutely fantastic - love every bit of them! They love playing inside and outside, with each other and with their toys. They have adapted very well to lots of new things - during the first week, we taught them to go up and down the stairs to get out into the backyard, how to sit and to go into our bedroom to their crate at bed time. Had the second round of shots this weekend. My vet commented how nice they are and what good care you and Gary provided them.
I hope you enjoy the video - we sure love these two little girls!!
Take Care,

Hi Elaine,

I just wanted to send you a recent picture of the two beagles we purchased from your kennels...
We got Charlie (on the right) for my dad's 60th brithday and my husband and I loved him so much, we came back a year later and got one for ourselves, Carter (on the left)!  Obviously, they are best buds and love to play - constantly! Thank you again for providing our families with such wonderful companions and company.
(the picture isn't great, I took it with my phone - but you can still see how cute they are)
Thanks again,
Holli and Greg Brown


(adorable baby girl of our Lady Camille and The General)

Hi Elaine-
Just thought I'd drop you a note and let you know that little Callie is
doing great.  She is such an angel and we love her!   She gets along with
everyone she meets.   She's doing really well on her crate and house
training, and she's gown a ton in a week and half.  She chews a lot though,
which drives me nuts, but we try to keep her supplied with toys and chewies
to keep her occupied.  I'll keep you posted on how she does over the next
few months.

We have had Muffin for a little over one year (born Jan 23, 2004).  She is a wonderful little girl, everything we had hoped for in our new beagle and more!  I am attaching a picture so that you can see how she has turned out
David Burch
Florence, Alabama

MUFFIN @ 1 year old

Hi Elaine,
We just wanted to share with you a picture of our beagle baby, Jake. Jake just turned a year old, and he is so much fun. His personality is so distinct, and he gets along perfectly with our year-and-a-half-old English bulldog, Bud. Jake loves to play with balls. He's so smart!
We don't have children yet, and our dogs are so special to us. They live in the house with us, and Jake took to housetraining almost immediately. He constantly surprises me with his intelligence.
Thanks so much for providing us with a healthy puppy last May. We have had no issues whatsoever with Jake's health, like we have with our bulldog. We learned the hard way that many breeders do not care for the health of their puppies.
Enjoy these sweet pictures of our baby. And thanks again!
Scott and April Mashburn
Jake Mashburn
Born March 14, 2005
Parents:Truman-Syre Of Caulderwood and Caulderwood's Lady Cassandra


Hi Elaine,
Sorry it took so long to send pictures of max and mojo. Now
they are about 8 1/2 weeks old and have tons
of energy! They do everything together!
They are really cute.--

(DAISY is a pretty daughter of our Lady Camille & The Rebel)

It has been almost a year since we came and visited your kennel  and chose a wonderful beagle puppy.  We are from Waxhaw NC which is close to Charlotte and we have family in Greeneville close to your kennel. Our beagle, Daisy is the daughter of Lady Camille and she is simply wonderful.  We have the best dog in the world- she is so loving and such a good companion for us and our two young sons.  Thanks for such a wonderful dog.  I would recommend you to anyone looking for a beagle. 
We had a great experience!
Alicia Jones

Hi Elaine:
Just wanted to let you know that little Jack O. Layton, (son of Caulderwoods Miss Dixie and Caulderwoods Barney Clay) went to the vet this morning, got his rabies shot as well.  The vet said he was "perfect", but we already knew that!  He is really fitting in well with the family!  He and Austin are almost inseparable!  Thank you so much for all your help!  We are going today for family pictures, and Jack will be in the pics as well.  We'll be sure to send you one!  Will stay in touch for sure.  Thanks again,
Dorine, Jeff, Austin, Sarah, Andrew, Samantha & Jack O. Layton
Millville, New Jersey

Hello Elaine,

I’ve been meaning to send you pictures for several weeks.  Finally here they are!  You’ll notice that Cosmo is in a lot of pictures.  Well, Daisy opened a new business that is going well.  It’s called “Daisy’s Doggie Day Care”.  Karina drops Cosmo off every morning and Daisy (along with Maverick) keep an eye or two out on the boys.

Cosmo likes it here so much that he sometimes spends the night or visits on weekends.  What is happening is that he cries at home when he is left alone.  He sits in front of his front door waiting to go to our house.  We’re happy to have him anytime.  Daisy absolutely loves her little brothers.  Our home is full of love!

Daisy is an incredible big sister and the Caulderwood Beagles of Redondo Beach are very happy!

Happy Spring!

Warmest regards,

Patty Stuckmeyer



Daisy Stuckmeyer

Hi Elaine,
Our little Honeysuckle is growing up beautifully.   She is a very spoiled little girl and we love her dearly.  She loves stuffed animals, snuggling under the covers, and going for rides in the car.  She is full of energy and makes friends wherever she goes.  She is still very petite and very much a puppy.  I thought you might like a picture of her for your website...Isn't she beautiful???


Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina



(Honeysuckle is a beautiful little daughter of our Miss Carman and General-Patton)



(sweet baby boy of our Miss Mattie and The Rebel)

Hi, Elaine.

Just wanted to pass on to you some photos of Norton.  He's doing great
and he has adjusted very quickly to his new home in Tampa.  Norton
seems to love the Florida grass.  He'll roll and lay in it as long as he
can.  As far as house breaking, he's smart.  In just a week and a half,
he stopped going potty in his crate and is consistent about going potty
outside.  Although, we are trying to get the nipping of the feet in
check, because he just loves to chew on your socks while you're still
wearing them......... :-)

Rick and Jennifer

Tampa, Florida.

Hi, Elaine.

Here are some of the pics we have taken of Candy. She is doing GREAT!! She is a wonderful young lady. We all love her, and she has made a wonderful addition to our family. I cannot believe how lucky we are to have her as a part of our family. We really appreciate all that you did for us, and the fact that you were so thorough in your advice. I will always be more than willing to recommend you & your husband for pure bred puppies! 

You have made our experience a wonderful one.

Thanks A Million,
Keitha, Shane & the kids


Center Line, Michigan


(pretty baby girl of our Miss Jenny and Little Ace)


well she is all grown up and still the best dog ever.
hello just thought i would write you and let you know how great chloe is doing.she is about to turn a yr old and is just full of energy.we love it
4 weeks ago we had are first child and the night my wife went into labor she thought it was false labor so she went to the back bathroom to take a hot shower and went into labor while in the bath make a long story short i could not hear her from the bedroom and chloe came in jumped on me licked me and woke me up... she then brought me to the bathroom where my wife was in the tub and could not get up..well we had a baby boy and brought home chloe's new best friend..
anyways ty so much for such a great dog.
Chloe is a lovely and loyal daughter of our Barney Clay and Miss Brandy

Chloe and her proud Dad
in California

Dear Elaine,
We wanted to update you on our adorable Snoop (Son of the Rebel and Miss Rosie).  He is now one year old and has made a wonderful addition to our family.  Snoop loves to go on play dates and run with his, much bigger, Lab friends. Snoop is such a joy and we all love him very much!!!  Thanks again for a wonderful adoption experience!!
Evelyn and Tom
Richmond, VA

Hello, Elaine!
A quick note to say hi and to let you know how Libby and Chelsea are doing.  As you can imagine, they are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!  We are having so much fun.  Attached are a few cute photos to update you on their development.  
   As their breeder, you would be
very proud of Libby and Chelsea -- WE ARE!!!

Warmest regards,




I got my "Nanna" from you in October of 2004. She is the daughter of Barney Clay and Lady Annabelle.  She is a totally spoiled rotten child whom I love.  She is almost 6 years old; but she still keeps me on my toes. Her favorite pastime is to "steal" something of mine for me to chase her -- somehow I always thought it was supposed to be the other way around....but anyway, Her puppy picture is on the last page of your puppies of the past and says relocated to Alabama.  I registered her as Sweet Pollyanna Sassafrass (She does have a sassy attitude.) But nieces and nephews shortened her name to just Nanna which fits her.  Thanks so much for the joy she brings me!

Karyl Spillman

Finally I am sending pictures of Sadie. She is growing up to be such a beautiful Beagle! Her first year has been great! She was not hard to train at all. We took her to obedience classes in the Spring and she did fine. Her only problem is being over enthusiastic greeting our visitors, but she is getting better. The Grandchildren love her and she has been such a joy to us.
Mary Ann

"Hi Elaine and family:

Just wanted to give you a brief Rusty update. He is doing great with his crate-training. He seems to like the name "Rusty" and is walking well on a leash now. I find him often in my lap watching tv--he probably did a lot of that as a young pup. He is getting on well with Liberty and Daisy, however Liberty is a little jealous of the little guy. His personality is particularly sweet--we know now that "loyal" translates into "lap dog" (hee....hee....). I was given my first beagle on my third birthday and he passed on my 19th, so I have had a long love affair with beagles. I truly love Rusty...he is doing quite well in training. He is truly loved and is lovable. I will email pictures of our beagle family soon.

Thank you for your attention to disposition in breeding your beagles--the outcome is marvelous!

Thanks again:

Frances, Wildflower Haven, Kentucky"