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Puppy Parent Emails

We are always grateful for the emails with comments and updates that we receive from our new Puppy Parents. So, we have created these pages so that we can share with you our "gloating pride" in our wonderful puppies for becoming such outstanding members of the new families they have joined. We hope that you get as much enjoyment from these little snip-ets and photos as we have.


Puppy Parent Emails

Puppy Parent Emails (5)


Hey Elaine!

It's been a while since a talked to you so I thought I would update you on how are babies are doing. They are just so smart! They are doing really well with house training. Copper rarely has accidents at all and Penny only does when we don't make it to the back yard fast enough. Brandon installed a doggie door for is a couple nights ago so they are now learning to use that. Before the doggie door, we used potty bells. And let me just say, I never taught them to use them! They hang on the door and so they just heard them ring every time we went out and figured out on their own to go over and tap the bells with their noses to tell us they needed to go out.

We went to the vet for puppy visit #4 on 7/8. So now they have had their rabies and we can safely take them anywhere we want! We found a great vet her name is Dr. Whitney Rayner. The pups LOVE her! They love going to the vet! We walk in and all the front office staff loves all over them and talks about how they are "just the cutest puppies". When Dr. Rayner comes in to see them she plays with them and loves on them and gives them lots of treats! They are so busy eating "cookies" that they don't even notice they ever had a shot. At this last visit Dr. Rayner said they are very healthy and told them she was sad because she wouldn't get to see them again until they are 10 months.
Oh and now Copper weighs 13lbs and Penny weighs 11lbs! I can't believe how fast they are growing!

Penny and Copper are so sweet and well behaved. We get compliments all the time on how beautiful they are and how sweet they are.

On 7/7 we started a 6 week long puppy training class. I have to say we were already working on this here and there but... After just one session they both know sit, look at me, and leave it. Brandon trains Penny because she has turned out to be quite the Daddy's girl and I train Copper because while I'm at home he follows me around everywhere I go. I absolutely love the command "look at me" when I say it and put my pointer finger up between my eyes Copper sits on his little bottom and looks right into my eyes with the most adorable look on his face! He still has those sweet little wrinkles which only makes him more irresistible!

Some of their favorite things:

•Stealing socks
•Traveling to see my In-laws to play with their wiener dog Oscar
•Snuggling under the covers in our bed
•Going on walks through the neighborhood
•Chewing on peanut butter flavored cow ears

I hope this message find you guys doing well. I will have to send you some better pictures when I get some they don't stay still for too long! Haha! The outdoor pictures are from June 25th. For our 2nd wedding anniversary we took them out for their first trip to the lake. Then they were sacked out in the car on the way home!

Sent from Caitlin's iPhone :)   July 11,2015

We are so happy with Emma.  She is very attentive and one of the most affectionate dogs I have ever known.  Including my two Golden Retrievers. She made herself a part of the family on the ride to my daughters.  She is very socialized and immediately made friends with my daughters two dogs.  After two days at home in Virginia, she has completely adjusted and it’s like she has always been here.  She plays hard and then crashes.  Whether at home with the neighbors or at Pet Smart, she steals the show and loves everybody. Watching her experiment with new toys is an absolute joy.  It was particularly funny the first time we turned on the TV.  She sat and watched it without moving for about 3 minutes.  Pretty good for a puppy’s short attention span.  I have included a picture of her romping in the backyard.
Doug and Barbara Davis

May 2015

We would like to use this opportunity to thank you and your husband for a wonderful puppy! Bradley is doing great enjoying his time in Ashburn, VA. I attach the most recent Bradley's photo for your pleasure.
Thank you very much!
Oleg Semenikhin


We have officially had our Smokey for a week now. We tell each other every day that we have the perfect dog - and we do! He is loving, curious, smart, feisty, persistent, easy to train, amiable, cuddly yet independent, and docile. He has greeted everything he has encountered head-on and fearless, whether it be people, dogs, situations, new surroundings, or sounds. His little beagle tail is always wagging! He has been incredibly easy to crate train and learns tricks like a pro. We took him to the vet for his next round of shots/check-up and the vet said he is an extremely healthy puppy and it's obvious he came from a good breeder (he said he would keep your info for when he has clients ask for a beagle breeder). Brendan and I could not be more pleased than we are with Smokey and we thank you for all you did in breeding/raising him to be the perfect addition to our little family!

Brendan and Kaitlyn

Hi Elaine,

Just wanted to write a short note to let you know that we made it home with our baby. He rode like a champ! In the ten days we've had him (we've named him Newton), he has totally captured our hearts. Newton is a smart little beagle and has already learned a lot about the routines here. He sleeps in his crate at night without fussing at all, and of course, we are hard at work on housebreaking. Soon, he'll start puppy classes although we are already working with him a little each day.

Thanks so much for our new addition!

Charlene and Mike

March 2015

"Rose's Sixth Snoopy of the Hall (or Snoopy), born Feb. 2012 son of Miss Annie Belle and Sherman-Syre won top honors at the Smith Co. Fair in middle TN Saturday. He won the Hound group and Best of Show! Thanks Caulderwood Kennels for our beautiful boy."


August 3, 2013

Hi Elaine,

We got Lucy from you last year! We have since had to do a lot of traveling with the Army and Lucy has been an amazing traveler! She's been all  the way from California to Texas and on to Florida... with more traveling coming up this year. She's a very, very bright girl who is independent and full of energy. Here are some shots of her. She's just a little over 1 now :) Thanks for a great dog!

Here is a picture of our Max and Molly:

Max is sitting up. He is three months younger than Molly. He is really growing fast. We are really in love with both of our puppies.

It’s fun to watch them play with each other. Especially in the morning. Thanks for the wonderful puppies.


Rob & Angela Scott

Today we are celebrating our Eddie’s 8th birthday! We came to your place and picked him up in November of 2005 and he has continually
brought immense happiness into our lives. He is a very smart little fellow and does not look nor act 8 years old. He has a wonderful life
filled with pleasures only a beagle would understand and love. . . .a wooded fenced half acre with lots of running room and occasional
“guests” in the form of ‘possums, raccoons, neighborhood doggies, kitties, owls, crows, wild turkeys,all kinds of Florida lizards and
many kinds of birds.  My friends say Eddie is constantly “smiling.” I agree!
Thank you again, after all these years, from the bottom of our hearts for raising the most incredible dogs in the entire world!
Keep up your good work with beagles and if possible give them an extra helping of love from us.
Gail and Jay Diederich
and, of course, Edgar Lamar - our wonderful Eddie!

Hi Elaine,

Hope your husband and you are doing well. I am enjoying my new life at home with my 'little man.' He adds so much life to our home! I have no doubt he is the perfect addition to our family at the perfect time! 

We pressed on with the crate training and it has been successful. We are going on day number 10 now with no accidents! Before that, he was having accident-free days about half the time.

He is SO sweet and LOVES to be loved and LOVES to play!  He was 20 weeks yesterday and weighed in at 13.8 pounds today.

God Bless,



We got our little Holly on Christmas Eve this past year.(hence the name holly) I had told my husband that my one wish even as a young child was to have a puppy under the Christmas tree with a big bow......I had been looking at the cute beagles on your website for a while and been begging for a beagle puppy..... My husband ended up surprising me when we went to my mother and father-in-laws house for Christmas Eve dinner. I walked in the door and there under their Christmas tree was my little holly with a bow around her neck! I was soo excited that I nearly cried!! Now she is nine months old and I can't wait to see her everyday! She is our little baby and has such a love for life! Super happy with our precious beagle!
Abby Lowe

Hi Elaine & Gary -
I just wanted to update you on our precious Sophie (parents Callie & Jake II). She is doing well and growing so fast! We go for her 9 week check up tomorrow. Can't believe how time flies. We are really enjoying her. She's fit right in with our family & other pets. I've attached a photo of her with our Aussie/Border Collie mix "Sydney". They have become great Sydney is actually playing again! Thank you for such a wonderful little girl! :)
Jill Hall & family
Smyrna Tn

Eli & Gator

Going Home

May 2013


First we'd like to thank you for a wonderful experience adding Gator to our family. With that being said we want to share a few pics of the journey home as well as Eli and Gator's first full day together, they are already best buds. As you can see Eli aspires to be a cowboy but i'm not so sure Gator signed up to be Tonto.





Hi, Caulderwood! We just wanted to update you on how Milo is doing. We adopted Milo from Caulderwood for Christmas 2010. His mom and dad are Dixie and Barney Clay. I apologize for not updating you until now. Just been very busy loving on him and enjoying him as part of our family. We wouldn't know what to do without him!

Some things he enjoys are cuddling with our family, taking long walks twice daily, laying in the sun, and eating as many socks, underwear, toilet paper he can get his paws on. He makes us laugh every day!

Thank you for bringing him into the world because we couldn't imagine our world without him. :)

The Bellman Family



I wanted to let you know that Li'l Miss Bridget remains healthy and the boss lady beagle of my pack of 4. I am attaching a picture of her taken this Christmas in the dreaded monkey sweater, which she does not like but tolerates since she doesn't like being cold either. She turned 12 in August and has been a treasured and loving companion for the 6 years since she joined me. It seems like yesterday; although we are both older and a little slower we are still going strong!


Li'l Miss Bridget @ 12 years old
Christmas 2012



Good morning and happy new year! We are loving Snoopy from Annie and Sherman's January 2012 litter. His one year birthday is about a month from now.  I've attached a picture of the little guy digging on the farm this weekend.

Thanks again for our little friend.

Chelsea Rose


Hi Elaine,

I just wanted to wish you a happy new year and update you on sweet Tesla. She’s the most adorable beagle ever. She is just a joy to have. I’ve attached a picture my husband took of her in our back yard. I think it is just so cute.

Have a happy and healthy 2013.


Abbi Austin

Hello Ms. Elaine,

We brought Abbi home in June and she's definitely brought a lot of excitement to our lives! She loves being outside, chasing birds and chipmunks, chewing on sticks, and playing chase with us. She's a lot of fun but also gets into her share of mischief!

I've include a picture from about a month ago (~6 months old).  Much of her black hair was replaced by brown. She has beautiful eyes!

We just saw on your website that Luke and Abbie had another litter of puppies. They're very cute!

Laura and Brian Austin

Hi Elaine!

Thought I would take a minute and give you an update on Daisy. She has taken very well to everyone and has warmed to her new home! She's playing, exploring, and learning her new surroundings. She and Alex are best of friends and she looks for him whenever he's gone. We've started working on housebreaking and she's doing pretty well with that so far!! She's been to the vet with a clean bill of health and will be going back this week for her next round if shots! The vet commented that she's the prettiest beagle they've seen for awhile!! Overall she's healthy and seems to be happy!

Thank you for a great experience and a very high quality beagle. We all just love Daisy!!



Hey Elaine,

This is Don and Connie from Chattanooga. We  thought you'd love to see some pics of Millie, actually, "Mildred Bentley Caulderwoods", named after her father and her breeding kennel.  She is absolutely what we were hoping for, isn't she beautiful!

(Millie is a very beautiful daughter of our Mr. Bentley & Miss Daisy May)


Hey Elaine,
I wanted to update you on our Shiloh. He turned two this past February. He is still very energetic and loving. My husband says Shiloh only has two speeds asleep and wide open!! LOL!! :). He is so fun and playful!! I have never seen a dog love toys so much!! When he is ready to rest he has to find one of us because he won't sleep unless he is in your lap cuddling. He is still a cuddle bug. Again, I can't thank you enough for such wonderful, loving dog.
God bless you and your family.

Sincerely, Zane, Christy, Blake, and Shiloh

Hello Elaine

This is Julie McJunkin. My family bought a tri colored beagle from you in
December. I was just writing you to let you know Scout is doing great. We
love him so much. He's gotten big so fast. The boys and him are such good
friends. I can see a life long bond between them already.
We've made sure to keep him updated in all his shots and vet visits. Each
time he goes the vet is very impressed with him.
Scout is about 80% house broke and completly crate broke. He knows 3
commands. Sit, crate, and down. He is a very smart dog. He's very protective
of my youngest son Daren. If Daren goes outside he always goes out with him
and stays right by his side. He's a very loyal dog.
I'm attaching a few photos of him I hope you get them. Thanks again for a
wonderful dog. He's beautiful and has such a precious heart.

Julie McJunkin and family

Hi Elaine,
Its has been a very long time since I last spoke to you.  Hopefully you will remember who we are.   We are the couple who purchased the puppy that Miss Tawny Rose had, she was the only little girl from the litter... it was 3 years ago.  We named her Lucy.  She came to live with us in Asheville, NC. 
She has been absolutely wonderful!  We couldn't ask for a better dog.  I am so sorry that I really haven't kept you up to date with her.  She is very smart and knows so many tricks, and knows when she does wrong,  and knows when she is a good girl.  She has her fears though,  she isn't too fond of the car even though it takes her to fun places like hiking and good outside fun for the most part.  Of course we have those vet visits too but she seems to like her vet very well.  We are still taking her to Pet Smart to the Banfield clinic.  We have since moved out of Asheville to a home out in the country.  She has a beautiful fenced in yard equipped with a doggie door so she can go out on her own free will.  Of course, She is a bit of a princess by not wanting to get her toes wet when its raining or snowing.  She spends a lot of time inside watching animal planet. 
We absolutely love her and will come back to Caulderwood for our next beagle!  Hopefully you will still have beagles!
Jennifer Guyer

Hello Elaine:
We wanted to share with you all a picture of Cassie.  She has been a great Beagle and is very loveable.  She was born to one of your litters on July 4, 2005 and is growing up to be a great dog to have in the home.
Troy and Theresa Wesson
Madison, Alabama
(Cassie is a wonderful daughter of our Miss Jenny and The General)

Hello Gary & Elaine
    Christmas time has come and gone and we just wanted to take a moment and wish you & yours a Merry Christmas.  Of course to update you on Jack also.  He is such a wonderful addition to our family and so very handsome.  My son & Jack have become the best of friends, where ever Caleb is, Jack is never that far behind.
We love him probably just as much as he loves the snow!  Here are a few pictures to show you how he has grown.  Take care and Thank you again for such a wonderful pup.
Bob, Colleena, Caleb & Jack Kraus
Olathe, Kansas

Jack Kraus


Jack is the son of our Miss Carman and Caulderwoods General -  Patton

Banks' Charlie Brown


Hello! I hope all is well. My husband and I visited your kennels and picked out a beagle back in February for my dad's 60th birthday. I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the family's new addition.
My dad named him Charlie Brown (we call him Charlie,
Charles when he's in trouble) and his AKC name is Banks' Charlie Brown; it has a nice ring to it.
We attached a photo of Charlie outside on my dad's farm in Virginia. He loves all the smells and the numerous chipmunks there are to chase. He's also got quite a toy collection going!

He's the perfect addition to the family and my mom and dad can't find enough good things to say about him; they love telling his"stories."

Thanks so much,
Holli Banks Brown


(Charlie is a very handsome son of our Miss Besty and Luke)


Just wanted to let you know how Jack is doing!

He's adjusting well to his surroundings and absolutely LOVES his rabbit squeeky toy we gave him the first night we got him home. Since we've had him he's been in a total of 5 different homes and has been just great with his potty training! All this taveling has got him very used to riding in the car...if he has his own seat so he can stretch out and sleep! Jack is definately a laid back, easy going little boy and sleeps whenever he gets a free minute!

Graham and I are definately attached, and he's really attached to us also. During the holidays, Graham had him at his parents' and if he'd leave the house without Jack, Jack would wine and whimper til he got back. I kept him for about 3 days, and he always wanted to be where I was and followed me everywhere! He was so great with my two little cousins (3 and 1 years old). He loves going for walks in the park. Graham's parents' dogs Sandy (yellow Lab) and Tee (Bichon Frise) were very excited to see him, and he gets along really well with both of them. We couldn't have asked for a dog with a more fitting personality to our own. He's loved very very much and gives a lot of love back!

Attached are some pictures. The first is one of him with his "old man" sweater on. The second is our Christmas card picture we took on campus at UT.

Graham and I both would like to thank you for answering all our questions we had the day we came to get him. We absolutely adore Jack and wonder what we ever did without him!

God Bless,

Jack Bass and his Parents
(Jack is a wonderful son of our Miss Mattie & The Rebel)
Knoxville, Tennessee


Dear Elaine and Gary,

We are finally sending an updated picture of our Sadie. She was five years old on July 27th, 2013 and looks as pretty as ever!
Our whole family enjoys her so much!

As Always,
Mary Ann and Joe Claxton
Franklin TN


Hi Elaine,

Thought I'd drop a quick note and let you know how great Buster is doing in California. He is about 9 months old now, 21 pounds and has been an absolute gem. He is "all Beagle", full of life, easy to train, enjoys people and pets, loves his "owner" (my 10 year old) and his "twin-looking brother" (Hank - a one year old Beagle). Buster is at the bottom of this picture.

Thanks for everything - Buster is in good hands and living the California dream!!




Here is a new picture of Sir Alexander Wallace (Wally) He is now 19 months old, and a wonderful family member!

Thank You! Amanda

Wally@ 19 months old
January 2013


Dear Elaine:

I got my dog Yo Yo (sire Truman, dam Lady Charlots Margret Ann) from Caulderwood 11 years ago in July 2002, when he was just two months old. Since then, he's been a perfect dog, beloved by all family members. We've since moved from New York City to Singapore, and Yo Yo adjusted well to the tropical weather here and to the two young boys born to the family.

Today is Yo Yo's 11th birthday, and he's still in perfect health. At 11years, Yo Yo looks like he's still full of life. This certainly attests to the wonderful job you have done in breeding at Caulderwood.

Last, let me thank you for bringing this joy to our family!

Forrest Zhang

May 17, 2013

Hi Elaine,
It's been a while since I sent a picture of Abby and Chloe. They are a little over 10 months old now and are doing great! Enjoying them more every day. Chloe likes to fetch tennis balls and Abby likes playing tug-a-war. Today, after a long day of playing and visitors, they are settling in on the couch for a nap - Abby on the left tends to like to use Chloe as a pillow. Absolutely fantastic little girls!
Merry Christmas!


Hello Elaine,

We purchased a lemon/ beagle from you about this time last year. We live in New Hampshire. He was our first puppy ever; my 3 year old daughter and wife absloutely love and adore him. We named him Parker. He is a great dog!!! Parker is very loveable and cuddly and will do anything to please you. My sister also has a tri-color beagle and her name is Amber. Amber and Parker love to run, play and wrestle with each other when ever they are together.
I just wanted to take a moment to update you and thank you again for giving us the opportunity to make the addition of Parker to our family. Hope all is well with you and your family!
Dan Bathalon

Parker ~ October 2011

Gary & Elaine:
After 3 months of living with our boys, we could not be happier or more proud.  Jon and Steve are friends with every dog they meet and happily allow humans to pet them.  They have been to the Biltmore Estate where Steve swam in the French Broad River; they stood their ground against a black bear about 15 feet away and turned it back into the woods; and Jon is lookout for a hedgehog who lives in our yard.  Most of all, they are so loveable and funny, gentle and handsome.   Needless to say, they are smart and know that they are special.  You can close your kennels now because we have the best dogs you've ever bred!
Mike & Marsha Cox
(Jon & Steve are brothers, and the handsome sons of our Miss Daisy and Mr. Bentley)

BARNEY @ 6 months

Hi Elaine,
I thought you might like to see Barney at 6 months! I take him to puppy play day on Saturday mornings since we don't have any dogs in our neighborhood that he can socialize with and or play with. Puppy play day is his favorite day of the week! He knows it too. He knows where we are going when we turn onto a certain road.
He is so wonderful to have in our lives.
I hope you are all well and are having a good summer.
Bye for now,
Jane Anderson (Jack and Barney)


BARNEY and Friend

Hi Elaine,

We got Sampson from y'all almost 2 years ago and We are absolutely in LOVE with our boy Sampson! He is constantly doing something that just makes us laugh so hard! He is the sweetest and most loving dog ever! We couldn't have asked for a better dog, thank you so much and hopefully we can give Sampson a brother or sister beagle someday soon! Take care!

Brittany Bivins



We have had Shiloh for a year this past March. We can't imagine our lives without this beautiful, energetic, and loving beagle. Shiloh is very loving and commands to be held like he is still a tiny puppy on a regular basis. He is such a snuggle bug and refuses to go to sleep at night unless he is laying in someone's arms at bedtime. Our son Blake and Shiloh are the best of friends. Anyone that sees Shiloh can not stop complimenting how beautiful he is and how sweet his personality is. He won a local pet photo contest here at home and was placed in a calendar. He is just too adorable to resist. Thank you so much for this beautiful beagle who is forever in our hearts and a part of this family. 
 Again, thank you.


We purchase a puppy from you about three years ago and I want to tell you a little about Zack and send you pictures of him. He has a wonderful personality and likes to sit in my lap and get kisses on the side of his face. He doesn’t like to kiss back but he expects his. He is the only boy in the house now for we lost our oldest beagle on 11.15.10 It was a very hard time for us. Zack was the one who let us know something was wrong with Blue. Zack is very loved and spoiled along with our Mini Schnauzers who are girls.  I hope to breed him  so I can have one of his pups maybe two. Thank you for such a beautiful an wonderful dog who I call one of my kids.
Mrs. Kathy Peterson

Hi Elaine,
Wanted to send you this cute picture of our little “Annie Laurie” and her best friend Tessie the Chessie. They are just perfect for each other. Tessie has taken Annie under her wing and Annie sees to it that Tessie gets plenty of exercise!! (grin) Anyway, thanks to Caulderwoodkennels we have lots of sunshine in our lives. Thank you!

Wendy & Jake

Elaine and Gary........Hello from Pennsylvania! Just wanted to give you all an update on Miss Dolly. Today is Dolly's birthday and she is doing great!!!!  I want to thank you all for such a great dog you do a wonderfull job!!!!! Dolly is the center of attention at our house the kids just love her to no end,

........ and now she has started to chase rabbits which my husband is soooo happy about, he plans to go hunting with her this fall.
Keep up the great work with the beagles! Here are some pictures of Miss Dolly!!!
Thank You Gretchen and Bill Steele

We got Max and Mojo from you almost a year ago and they are very sweet and
playful. You can't seperate them.
Here are some recent pictures of them.




Hello! Just wanted to give you an update.....Jax just turned 3 on July 26 (in San Francisco). He has grown into the most amazing, lovable, smart, adorable and beautiful dog (with a lot of puppy left in him). He has made so many friends.....he is very well socialized, being that we live in a densely populated City he has no choice. I think so many beagles
get a bad wrap due to their barking/howling, so I just want you to know that Jax is wonderful in that respect. He only uses his voice when needed, provoked, or like a child, when he is tired. He is amazing with kids, other dogs, all kinds of people, fire trucks, skateboards, bicycles, shopping carts, cats, squirrels and even name it. He makes friends with everyone and everything - has grown into quite the perfect companion!!! He is truly the dog of my life!!! He
is so amazing and he has such a connection to both of us. He listens, comes when is called (even in the park), is wonderful off-leash - which is the most amazing part. We can actually walk Jax off-leash through the City - he doesn't chase after anything and listens/trusts us extremely well! And, he is the best trail dog ever, he goes almost everywhere with us! He loves to explore and follows me along trails, crossing rivers, hopping boulders and swimming at the lake. Of course
his nose still gets him into trouble every once in awhile ;) He is fullof love every minute of the day! We couldn't be happier that he has come into our lives - you guys are excellent breeders. He is a one-of-a-kind! Thank you!

-kerrie & laurel (SF, CA)

JAX @ 3 Years

PADME' @ home in Washington
1 year old
(Padme' is a beautiful daughter of our Little Ace and Lady Kate)

Hi Elaine,
So about our little Padme'.  Well she is not so little any more.  She is
about 20 lbs and about 11 inches.  Everyone in our complex loves her.  She is such the lover.  We take her to the park every weekend.  Steve and I found this great off the leash park.  The whole thing is fenced in and it leads to a beach.  It is so much fun Padme' loves it. 
She is starting to swim a little better.  We bought her a life jacket. 
She just is loving life.  We are going to put her in a pet photo contest at Steve's work.  But we can't find just one picture that we like the most because she is just so cute. 
So here are a few pics of Padme' talk to you soon.