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Puppy Parent Emails (3)


Puppy Parent Emails

Puppy Parent Emails (5)


(ROXY is a beautiful, dual purpose daughter of our Miss Lucy & Barney Clay)

Just wanted to forward to you some pics of one of your pups. This was the female I got from a family that realized she was too focused on hunting to be a house dog (well, she is a house dog still but runs rabbits every day and roams the farm). I met up with the family I got her from at a field trial. Here are some of the the family's pics as sent to me. Thank you again for a wonderful dog!

Hi Elaine,

.....Lincoln is a great dog, we couldn't imagine our
lives without him, of course every now and then we let him go to Puppy Playland to run around with the other dogs which he loves!! He loves to cuddle on the couch with his mom and of course watch football with dad.  I
have attached some recent picts we have of him.  He's just the most handsome dog ever!

Thanks again and we'll keep in touch,


(Abbey is a wonderful daughter of our Miss Mattie and The Rebel)


Hi Elaine,

"Here's a recent picture of the family (minus me, cause I was taking the picture) with Abbey Rose in McCall, Idaho.  She is doing really great and has fit right into our family.  She is very smart, loving and loyal to
our family.  She has also made quite a few dog friends in the neighborhood  and has a play date a few days a week.

We are so pleased that we chose Caulderwood Kennels to purchase our puppy and we would highly recommend you to anyone we know."


McCall, Idaho


Hey Elaine,

It is about time that I provide an update on how Jax is settling into his new home in San Francisco. Hard to believe he has been with us for almost 8 weeks now, sometimes feels like less and yet others feels like he
has been in our lives for longer.
He has the best little personality - loves dogs and people, and is actually the talk of the neighborhood. He has many admirers. He has been enrolled in Puppy Classes since 10 weeks of age and is a rock star in class. He has actually been invited to participate in a special training session with Dr. Ian Dunbar this coming weekend - he may just be famous as we will be videotaped for future trianing sessions. We are so proud! And, he absolutely LOVES his trainer and dog walker.

We believe he has adapted quite nicely to his urban surroundings. San Francisco is a very dog friendly environment, so he goes most everywhere with us and meets tons of other dogs all the time.

He is a big time cuddle bug. Our special time is early in the mornings when he wakes up and when I get home from work, he grabs his bone and hops in my lap to chew and cuddle. He has definitely been the bright
spot in our lives the past couple months and we can't imagine life without him.

Attached are some photos of Jax over the weeks - along with Laurel and myself (his family). He has been to the lake (did some swimming), to the ocean, to the country, hiking, parks, neighborhood block parties and over to his friends houses!!!

Funny thing is that for Halloween he found a small empty bottle of Jack Daniels (or Jax Daniels), so he became the booze hound for Halloween (showing a bit of his Tennessee roots)!

thanks again, we love him.
-kerrie and laurel

Dear Elaine,

I wanted to give you an update on Miss Dixie’s adorable little boy #2. We named him Cody. I adopted him in December 2009 when I was pregnant and ever since my daughter was born they have been inseparable. He is the most loving pet we could have ever asked for. Thank you for our sweet baby boy.  

Candice Turner

Hi Elaine & Gary,

I just wanted to let you know how much we love our Beagle. He was a son of Hannah and Luke, his name then was Herbie. Since we have had him we call him Rowdy! He is so much fun, he goes everywhere with us. He is the perfect addition to the family. He loves Florida, and his favorite thing to do is dig at the beach. :-)

Thanks again, The Lindsey's

Gary & Elaine,
We wanted to give you an update on Bailey, born to Polly & Li'l Ace on June 30, 2005. He is a wonderful pet and we treat him like our son. He is a joy everyday! These pictures are of his trip to the lake, he loved the boat ride! He is such a wonderful addition to our lives! Thanks so much for breeding these dogs with love.
Nick & Christine Lowry

Hi Elaine,

Just wanted to update you on Tesla. She is doing great. She had her 9 week check and vaccinations today, and she looks great. We call her the energizer bunny, she is so full of life. She keeps up with her older brother Hunter our Golden who is two months older than she is. She is little miss personality. She loves to snuggle, we love her so much. Thanks for a great little Beagle.


Hi Elaine,
Hope all is well.  Harley (born to Bridget and General Patton 9/28/05) is doing very well.  We recently took a trip to Myrtle Beach and she and her adoptive brother Copper had a blast.  Attached are some photos.
New Jersey




(all grown up and quite the handsome guy!)

It has been almost a year since we came to your place and picked up our wonderful and loveable Eddie.  He has proven to be everything you told us he would be and much, much more:  calm, even tempered, very smart, loyal, adorable, gorgeous, loving beyond measure and cuter that I can describe.
I thought you would enjoy seeing Eddie as he looks now at slightly over one year old.  You told us he would be handsome like his dad, General Patton, and you were right. He truly is beautiful.
One of Eddie's favorite spots is the back of a recliner!  He is not generally allowed on furniture, a rule he accepts and obeys readily but this chair top is a favorite and he will doze off and I will hold my breath that he will not fall but he never has.   He has created many interesting behaviors on his own, like drinking from the bathtub faucet - his
favorite drink dispenser.    He also LOVES to be rocked to sleep, laying on his back in my arms, giving out deep contented sighs!  I could go on but you can see Eddie
is a wonderful little fellow and we continue to be so thankful we found Caulderwood and were able to bring this little guy into our lives. 
All the best to you and all the creatures at Caulderwood, especially the beagles!
Gail and Jay
  and especially Edgar Lamar,  born Sept. 28,  2005 to General Patton and Li'l Miss Bridget
Odessa, Florida

I purchased a beagle from you back in 2008. He was born to Miss Mattie and Rebel on 02/11/2008. His name is Milo and he is my baby!!!! He has brought so much joy into our family and I absolutely LOVE him. Thank you!! Here are a few pictures of him.

Cassie Werner

Hello Elaine:


We welcomed Charlie (son of Miss Betsy and the General) into our home last Easter, and we just celebrated his first birthday this week.  He is a beautiful dog who is playful and loveable!  Our family adores him, and he loves the attention he gets from the neighbors when we are out with him.  Thank you for all you did to bring this little guy into our lives! 


Kristi Foster



We got Fletcher from you three years ago (it will be four years in August).  We cannot thank you enough.  He is a JOY of a dog and gets compliments everywhere he goes.  Here are some pictures of him from our summer in Canada. He has grown up to be a beautiful dog.  Thanks again =)."   Lisa

Thought you might like to see some pictures of Marley (puppy of Lady Camille and Little Ace) on her one year old birthday.  She has become quite a special little dog.  She is a great addition to our family.  Very smart and spunky!

Many thanks-The Hirschman Family

Elaine:  we apologize for not writing sooner with puppy updates, and I wanted to send a recent photo or two of our fella.
Copper (Dixie's Copper Penny to the AKC) is a doll. He will be a smaller version of the breed, which is fine by us.  Copper loves to sleep, anywhere, but preferably near us on the couch or by himself in a cushy chair.  He is happy, healthy, and a clown. He was a complete joy at Christmas, sleeping in our daughter's lap while she recovered from foot surgery, and has won the hearts of all who have met him.  He gets nearly daily walks around our neighborhood lake, about 1.4 miles, always on a leash, and is especially well-behaved when encountering other, loose dogs.  Thank you for raising him to be our little boy; we love him very much,
Joe & Susan
Vicksburg, Mississippi

                                                Hi Elaine,
                                                I just wanted to send you and email and update you on Lincoln.  He is doing 
                                                great and just celebrated his 1st birthday.  I have attached some pictures from 
                                                the party we threw for him.  He is growing up so fast, it seems like just 
                                                yesterday he was a little puppy.  Lincoln has been a most wonderful addition to 
                                                our family.  He brings joy to us each day and has so much love to give.  He is so 
                                                smart and lovable and LOVES to play!  Thank you so much for all your help in 
                                                bringing this wonderful little boy into our lives!
                                                Gretchen and Joe





Hello Elaine,
I was scrolling through your website, watching the videos you've posted there and was quickly overcome with happiness. There's something about beagles that just does that to you. Peaches does that for me every single day. I remember the day she officially became my pet.
I had just gotten home from my grandmother's house and entered my living room only to find a can of peaches lying on the table. I was so confused. I could tell there was an odd vibe in my household and my parents were anxiously looking at me as I stared at the can of Peaches, puzzled as ever. And then all of the sudden, I heard a whimper. My dad always says that he had never seen a look of such excitement and terror when he saw my face. My parents then let peaches out of a cage. Words cannot describe how elated I was! I knew that a puppy would be arriving at our house very soon, but not this soon! As Peaches (I decided that was going to be her name even before I saw her) ran out of the cage and then towards me... she made a sudden detour... and peed on my Mom's precious rug. I couldn't have cared less where she peed (though my Mom sure did, she was a bit cautious since she'd never owned a dog before) because she was my little Peaches. ..... ironically, it was only a matter of time before my Mom began to pamper and rely on Peaches just about more than anybody in our household.
Over the years, Peaches has earned countless nicknames. Peachy, Peach-tree, THE Peaches, THE Peach, Peach, Melocotones (Spanish for Peaches), Gooda Puff, Gooder Schnooder, Regal Beagle, Seal-face, Penguin (she can stand on her hind legs like a penguin) and Clicky (because you can hear her nails "clicking" down the hallway as she walks.)
Whenever Peaches is pet, she needs to be touching the person who is petting her with her paw. Whenever she goes on walks and sees another dog, she goes running towards it... and then passes right by the dog and straight to the owner so she can be pet. Peaches intially started out with one bed. And before you know it, one turns in to two... and two turns in to three. Needless to say, Peaches has about six beds now. It's ridiculous! But it's also pretty funny.
Whenever I'm out of the house and I see a dog, I am immidiately reminded of Peaches. As soon as I see a dog, I want to hurry home and hug Peaches. Oh, and she gives hugs, too! She stands on her hind legs and sticks her paws out onto your shoulders or palms. I swear, sometimes I feel like she's human. And she does, too. Haha!
I have to say that nothing means more to me than being able to come home and always having Peaches there to greet you, happy that you're back. Despite my state of mind, whether it's sad, happy, or anything in between, I am always glad to have Peaches with me during these times. My family and I love her so much and would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We would love to come visit Caulderwood some day.
Oh, and Peaches says "Hello!"
- Sierra, Paul, Irene, and Peaches

Hello Gary & Elaine,

Chloe is doing great. She is 11 weeks old now. She is the sweetest and most beautiful puppy! All of our neighbors come by to see her when we're outside and they can't believe how cute she is. She loves everyone and is so friendly and playful. She has a boyfriend across the street. He is a golden/lab mix named Chilly who is 3 days younger than her. Chloe is now 6 pounds and Chilly is 20 pounds already. It's  funny to see them play together because he looks like he could swallow her whole! Luckily he is a very sweet boy too. She is also soooo smart. She can already sit, stay for a little bit, look in your eyes when you ask her and do down. (For a treat of course) We ask her to sit before she goes in and out and she sits and looks in your eyes before she gets her food. She is doing well with potty training and has not had many accidents and is doing better with crate training. We have attached a couple pictures of her. The one of her sleeping in the blanket was taken the night we got her and the other one was taken tonight. We hope you enjoy them and again, we hope all is well. God bless you all and thank you for such a special puppy. We'll keep in touch.


 Hi, Elaine!

I do hope this finds you well! We certainly are!

Campbell has been the most wonderful blessing to our home! She is the most affectionate little dog I’ve ever known…I think she believes I gave birth to her!

I have attached her 1 year old picture for you.

She looks like her dad, Rebel…even has his posture! She is absolutely beautiful and a joy to live with. She has truly fit in with her 2 sisters and I thank you with all my heart!


Centreville, Virginia

Campbell @ 1 Year Old





(Campbell is a wonderful daughter of our Lady Camille and Southland Rebel)

Our wonderful Eddie is celebrating a second birthday.
It has been two years of unbelieveable joy with this faithful little friend.  Every day still brings a surprise at how smart he is and I am thankful for all the times he makes us laugh which is often.  Yes, he is quite spoiled but  oh, how obedient and kind. He is amazingly sensitive to what we expect of him and will  do ANYTHING to stay in our good graces.  And he is so much fun to photograph.
Needless to say, we think he is the best and cutest dog in all the world but I'm sure there are scores of other Caulderwood beagle owners who think the same thing. 
Happy Birthday to Eddie and his siblings who were born on Sept. 28, 2005 to Li'l Miss Bridgett and General Patton!
Most of all THANK YOU forever for the quality of fine beagles you raise.
Gail and Jay Diederich
 and Edgar Lamar (Eddie)
P.S. If owners of Eddie's siblings would like to correspond I would LOVE to hear from them and see pictures of Eddie's brothers and sisters.


Lady Bailey Anne (Bailey) is 4 1/2 years old now. She just had another perfect vet visit. Our daughter Emily received Bailey as her 15th birthday present. Emily has just finished her first year of college and is back home with Bailey for the summer. Caulderwood was recommended to us nearly five years ago by a friend from my wife's work in Brentwood,TN. Your website picture of this little female "runt" of the litter stole our hearts. We contacted you and have been so pleased in every way. Bailey has always had Pro-Plan on your recommendation. She lives in the house and runs a large fenced back yard. She chases squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and birds multiple times each day. Her health, activity, weight, and coat are optimal for a 4 1/2 year old. More than all of this, though is the blessing Bailey is to our whole family and our friends who enjoy knowing her.

This is Bailey at age 4 in our back yard. She loves running across the back yard in the snow. I will try later to find an indoor shot from this summer so you can see her beautiful coat and coloring. Her petite size in maturity is exactly what we hoped for. She was smaller (runt) than her siblings, but has always been robust and energetic (although at times she settles for hours like a regular lounging hound). Her vet always remarks at her great "personality" and health. Her new favorite past time is watching out the window until a squirrel, chipmunk or rabbit crosses the back yard. She then bays to get out. I will try to find the picture of her with front paws reaching way up on the tree with a chipmunk 20 feet above her. We have never hunted with her, but great breeding is evident. She looks like a classic hunting champion in that pose.

We cannot imagine a sweeter canine family member.

Mark & Pat Russell
Emily and Nathan
Clarksville, TN

Hi Elaine,
At 4 months old, Rio is doing fantastic! Mike and I love having him around, and he has really made our house feel like a home.  He's pottytrained, and is making good progress with "sit" and "down."  He's always happy and loves to fetch, chew on sticks, and play with other dogs.  He's never aggressive, and he's so smart!  Training him has been much easier than we had originally anticipated.  He's adjusted really well to our household, and he has made adjusting to him a breeze.  He's started to lighten up in his hind legs, and his coloring is absolutely perfect.  I attached a couple pictures of him for you!  Thanks again for giving us such a well-behaved and beautiful beagle.
Mike and Alyssa Healy

Dear Elaine,
   I just wanted to write and tell you how Shiloh is doing. He went for his 9 week shots and check about two weeks ago.  The vet said  he was in perfect health.  He also said that he was a perfect representive of his breed and was truly a beautiful puppy.  Everyone we meet comments on how beautiful is markings are.  Not only is he beautiful he has the sweetest personality.  He is a little snuggle bug!! He love to snuggle and sleep.  He also loves to play with our cat.  The two of them together is hilerious. Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog.  I don't know how we made it without him.  He is such a part of the family.  Oh, and he loves the ballfield.  The kids have a fit over him and if he isn't there to cheer them on they want to know why.  He is also, doing great with training.  He is a smart little fellow.  Again, thank you for such a wonderful dog.  He has helped to heal us and ease the pain of losing our beloved boxer and he has brought life back to this house.  Our cat is happy for the first time since we lost our dog in October. They were so close and now he has a playmate again.  We were worried but they get along great.  They love to wrestle and play together.  It is so cute!! :) I can't thank you enough.  Here is a recent pic of Shiloh.
      Zane, Christy, Blake, and Shiloh

Hey Elaine!  We just wanted to update you on Shiloh.  He is doing GREAT!! He has to be the most precious dog!!!  We are so blessed to have him in our family.  Everyone we run into with him has a fit over how adorable he is. Today we took him to a pet fair in our county.  They had a little pet parade and Shiloh won a little award for being so adorable!!!  He is three months old today and is precious!!  Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy!!!  I will attach some photos.  One is from the ride home when we picked him up from you.  I have continued to take a weekly photo to document how much he as grown.  Again, THANK YOU!! :)
                Zane, Christy, Blake, Shiloh and Patches
P.S.  Shiloh and the cat (Patches) are so funny together!! They are becoming fast friends.

Hello Elaine,
   This is Jack Kraus, I am one of General Patton & Miss Carmen's puppies.  I just wanted to write and tell you that I absolutley love my new home in Kansas!  They have a 3 year old little boy for me to play with, I really like to chase him and pull at his shorts. Mom says we are like 2 peas in a pod, sounds yummy! We go for a walk everynight, so I get to run around and stiff everything in sight. I even found my first turtle the other night, he was really big, when I barked he didn't like it much. I am learning how to play fetch and Mom & Dad tell me I'm going to puppy pre school soon.  I've got a few tricks to show those other puppies.  I must be really handsome because mom is always taking pictures of me, here are a few to share with you.  Mom & Dad also wanted to thank both of you for such a wonderful puppy, I guess they mean ME!!

Thought I should send you pictures of our wonderful Eddie, now almost 21 months.  He is perched on his favorite spot, the back of a recliner, lizard watching! 
Eddie is an incredible member of our family and we continue to be totally amazed at his mellow, friendly disposition.  He is very smart and very responsive to us and, I might add, totally spoiled.  Will probably become more so as I have just retired after 32 years in education.  Will be home lots more with "my boy"  and eagerly looking forward to it. 
We could NEVER have found a better little beagle! We are always thrilled when we see pictures of Harley and Bella, his sisters. A recent one in your puppy parent pictures is of Harley, born in the same litter with Eddie.  Amazing how much they look alike!
Thanks again for having the highest quality beagles. We are forever grateful.

All the best,
Gail and Jay and Edgar Lamar Diederich
 (born Sept. 28, 2005 to Miss Bridgett and General Patton)


Bailey Ann

(adorable baby girl of our Miss Lily and Little Ace)


Good Morning!
Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our home.  She is absolutely the best puppy ever!!!  I have to admit I was feeling a little anxious heading up to last Saturday and the first few days home - - concerned about my added responsibility - - but she is perfect.  We're crate training her and she is doing so well.  She's only had two accidents and both times it was b/c we weren't paying attention to her sniffing. . . she's so good.
We're socalizing her well - - she's been to two baseball games and has had many visitors.
Attached are a couple of new pictures. 
I'll be in touch and thank you again for giving us such a prefect pup:)